‘nux Woes

We have been having problems with our Internet connection as well as the ISP saying we are using more data than we could have possibly done given our current bandwitdth (or lack thereof) woes.   I decided to replace one of my older machines Linux Mint install with Kali (instead of just live booting).

Unfortunately Kali is given me issues with the Wireless NIC not wanting to be detected.  The Live version works fine but the version off the the install will not see WLAN01.  I have tried everything to no avail.  Decided to blow away the install and try again, same results so I was going to put Arch on the machine instead but now I am having issues with getting the machines BIOS to accept USB boot.

If I can get around the boot issue I guess I am just going to go back to Mint on this particular machine or maybe Ubuntu.  I had considered CentOS or Slackware but decided against it on this particular machine.